Learn to Treasure Microsoft Silverlight Video

We all know that the videos that are displayed on the Internet are structured in a specific format. This explains that installing the detailed software on your computing system is important in order to view the videos.  The most trusted and used video format that is accessed and used on different websites is profoundly known as Microsoft Silverlight. If you wish to save, store or download the Silverlight videos, then this article will help you as it will introduce you to the computer software that is available to download the videos.

The computer software includes programs such as Orbit Downloader, Screen Toaster, and WM Capture. Here, you will see the in-depth details of the programs that can help you to download the Microsoft Silverlight video. In this editorial, we will discuss the procedure to save the Microsoft Silverlight video using Orbit Downloader program.

How to download Microsoft Silverlight video using Orbit Downloader?

There are certain steps to follow for downloading Microsoft Silverlight video with Orbit Downloader. These steps are as follows:-

  1. In the first step, you have to visit the Orbit Downloader page and then click on the “Download Now” option for saving a file. After this, you need to install the program on your operating system.
  2. In this step, you have to open the Orbit Downloader by double-click on the icon. And then click on the “Tools” drop-down menu and then click on the “Grab++” option to proceed further.
  3. Open the web browser and visit the page that is having the “Silverlight” video which you wish to save. Click on the “Grab++” program window and the video list appears on the screen.
  4. Click on the box to mark a check for the video that you wish to save and then click on the “Download” button and then select the location where you wish to save the file and press the “OK” button.
  5. Let the downloading complete and then enjoy the saved Microsoft Silverlight video.

Tips & Warnings: – If you are using any other program, such as Screen Toaster, to download the Microsoft Silverlight video, then you will face a five-second delay before the downloading starts.

In a conclusive viewpoint:-

The article clearly elaborates on the steps to download the Microsoft Silverlight video using the software program named Orbit Downloader. There is other downloading software such as Screen Toaster and WM Capture that can also be helpful to download the videos. In case you face any error while performing the steps mentioned in the article, then it is recommended to visit the official site of Microsoft that goes by the URL office.com/setup | office.com/setup

Microsoft Project is now available for everyone

Microsoft was planning to roll out its all-new and feature-packed software known as Microsoft Project for long. This is the time when it is made possible at the Microsoft platform. The company has been providing its users with the opportunity to use the cloud-based services and now it is all set to launch the “Project” software at the office.com/setup page.

This software will benefit users in various ways. It would allow them to collaborate more easily on projects that require teamwork. This will result in team efficiency along with higher achievements. Not only this, the software is launched with the subscription plans to choose from allowing users to pick what matches his necessities. Before its launch, there was no such efficient software that could help people collaborate so easily. Since teamwork is an integral part of our official life, it was the need of the hour to have one such software.

What can you expect from Microsoft Projects?

The all-new experience- the software is capable enough to offer some simple yet effective features which will allow a user to have all-new experience. Users can instantly invite anybody to join them on their assignment and allocate duties to everybody. They can also use the option to shit to various grids and timelines so that they can keep track on their work. 

Collaborate easily- the software can also be paired up with “Microsoft Teams” so that one gets better results from it. You can also share your files, chat and arrange the meetings with those who are at a far location.

Get instant insights- you can have deep and visible insight into your assignments so that you do not repeat the mistake in the future. On top of that, you can create interactive dashboards that give a widespread glance at your assignment.

Extensible platform- The software allows the user to connect instantly with others using the apps and services which are already being used by you. Plus, your security is never compromised because it encompasses the world’s most trusted cloud services.

Read More >> Activate your office.com/setup and norton.com/setup

Microsoft Project plans

There are various subscription plans for this software and one of the best is the $10 plan. It makes a user eligible to use subscription-based services for a month’s time. This is made available so that a user can get to know all about Microsoft Project. We can simply say that it is a “Get Started” guide.

There many other plans about which you can get to know at the Office setup website. If you have currently subscribed to any of the Office-related subscriptions, you can join it with “Project”. The other plans are commonly known as Project Plan 3, Project Plan 5, and Project Online.


The previous user of Project can upgrade their software to the latest version to use the all-new features and function of it. If your experience with Project Plan 1 is going good, then you can opt for other plans according to your needs. All these plans come with multiple benefits.

Guide to upgrade MS Office on your Mac devices

For those who are the proud owners of Mac devices and have MS Office software installed on their Apple devices, need to know how they can upgrade the Office setup without any error.

If you have MS AutoUdate feature then you need to make sure your copy of Office is updated with the latest security fixes and improvisations.

If you are already an Office 365 user, then you can easily receive the latest features and tools of Office setup i.e. office.com/setup on your Mac devices.

In this article, you will get to know how you can upgrade your Office setup if you are using it on the Mac devices with the help of a step-by-step guide to upgrade the software.

You need to understand that you can easily check for the updates and install the software in the Help menu of any MS Office products, applications, and services.

A step-by-step guide to upgrade MS Office on your Mac devices

There are certain steps to follow that will explain how you can upgrade your MS Office software while using iOS devices via office.com/setup. These steps are as follows:-

  1. In the first step, you have to open any of the installed MS Office application by clicking on its icon and then click on the “Go” option that is visible in the top menu bar and then you have to select the “Applications” in the drop-down menu.
  2. Now, you have to click on the “Help” option that is clearly visible in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  3. In the third step, you have to click on the “Check for Updates” option that is present in the “Help menu”.

Note: If you are unable to see the “Check for Updates” option in the Help menu, then you can download the latest version of the Office AutoUpdate tool from its official website.

  1. After this, simply tap on the “Automatically Download and Install” option. For those who don’t know where it is, it is the third radial button option that is clearly visible under the “How would you like updates to be installed?” That is present in the MS Office “AutoUpdate” tool.
  2. In the final step, you have to click on the “Check for Updates” option; the option is visible in the lower right corner of the MS Office “Auto-Update” tool. This will enable you to check for MS Office latest updates and then you can install the updates.

End Note:

It is important to know the ways by which you can upgrade your Office software on the Mac devices. The steps for the same have been already discussed in the write p above. In case you need any further assistance on this, you are recommended to get in touch with Customer Support assistants who are available on the official website of MS office. You can get in touch with them 24/7 via toll-free helpline number and they will assist you with the best possible solutions.

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How to get started on “Skype Version 8”?

The all-new Skype version 8 is said to have the latest features and functions which are being loved by the users across the globe. It includes many improvements which are requested on the part of the users. The latest improvements include the super-fast loading of the app and personalized experience. Along with this, you can interact with each other more effectively.

But with the launch of the latest version of Skype, some users are facing issues while getting started on it to use these functions. To use it, you first have to go through the upgrade process which is basically an in-client process. Going through this in-client upgrade process is very necessary if you wish to recover the entire history of the conversation.

Learn to use the functions of “Skype version 8”

There are various features and functions in the latest version of Skype, but we are going to discuss a few of them and these are listed below.

Sending instant messages-

To send an instant message in version 8 on desktop, do the following:

  1. First of all, you have to go to its “Chat screen”.
  2. Here you have to select a name from the list of contacts or a group’s name that you wish to send the message.
  3. The chat window will appear.
  4. In this window, you have to type your message.
  5. After typing your message, hit the “Send” button to send your message to a specified contact.

Making a call in Skype version 8-

Using the call option is always free on Skype until and unless you are calling a Skype contact. But calling someone who is not on Skype, a person is required to have a Skype Credit or he should subscribe to a plan. To call someone on Skype, go through the following procedure:

  1. First of all, open the “Skype” app by tapping on its icon.
  2. Now, navigate to the “contacts” option and find whom you wish to call.
  3. After selecting the contact, tap on the button which looks like the “audio call” button.
  4. To make the video call, click on the “video call” icon.
  5. If you wish to disconnect or hang up the ongoing, simply tap on the “end call” button.

Turn a chat into a call-

  1. Open the chat window of the person you wish to call.
  2. On top of the window, you will see options for “video call” and “audio call”.
  3. Select the desired option and enjoy free calling services.

To sum up-

Microsoft is continuously announcing updates to its apps, based on customer requests and feedback. You can check out for updates on Microsoft’s official website or visit office.com/setup. Here you can leave your suggestions and provide the team with the feedback so that they can continue to make such improvements.

Toyota fetches new way to use AI, self-drive tech in Tokyo Games

Small remote controlled autos have demonstrated to be a group pleaser at olympic style events tossing occasions, yet for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Toyota Motor Corp is increasing the game with a hey tech approach to bring spears and mallets: somewhat little, self-driving A.I. robot vehicles.

The Japanese automaker on Monday disclosed a model of its cutting edge field bolster robot, a smaller than expected transport formed contraption dependent on its “e-Palette” ride-sharing vehicle being worked on, to be utilized at the Tokyo Games.

The vehicle, generally the size of a little child’s ride-on toy vehicle, can go at a most extreme speed of 20 kilometers for each hour and sports three cameras and one lidar sensor which empower it to “see” its environment.

Hung around the highest point of its body is a band of LED lights which enlighten when the vehicle utilizes man-made reasoning to pursue occasion authorities toward the gear heaved by competitors onto the pitch during shot put, plate toss, hammer toss and lance occasions.

After the gear, which can weigh as much as eight kilograms for mallets, is stacked into the vehicle by the authority, a press of a catch situated toward its front sends the vehicle flashing back to competitors for later use.

“People are more qualified to grabbing overwhelming gear from the field, yet for rapidly moving them to their separate return stations, that is a vocation that is best performed by robots,” Takeshi Kuwabara, a venture arranging director who administered the robot’s improvement, told journalists.

“Our point was to use the qualities of the two people and robots.”

The pattern of utilizing smaller than expected vehicles to bring gear at Olympics tossing occasions returns to the 2008 Beijing Games, where firey-red, rocket-formed autos hastened along the green to gather sledges, lances and disks.

At the 2012 Games in London, BMW created and worked an armada of blue and orange scaled down Mini Coopers to gather the disposed of hardware, while somewhat little green get trucks played out the assignment at the Rio recreations in 2016.

A noteworthy backer of the Tokyo Games, Toyota likewise plans to dispatch computer generated reality empowered humanoid robots and versatile telepresence robots which will empower onlookers who can’t go to the diversions face to face to encounter occasions and meet competitors remotely.

An armada of robots on wheels created by the automaker which can perform family errands for older individuals and medical clinic patients will likewise manage visitors to wheelchair seats and serve refreshments at occasions.

Toyota intends to utilize the recreations to exhibit its new vehicle innovations running from energy unit transports to on-request, self-driving taxicabs, as it contends with industry adversaries and tech firms to create moderate self-sufficient autos and electric vehicles (EVs), alongside on-request transportation administrations.

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Is PC Gaming Declining? Let’s Ask the Gamers

Is PC gaming dying? There is speculation that PC gaming has been in a state of decline over the past several years. The technology to help keep the PC community may have stagnated due to Intel dominating the market with the I series processors for several years, with no real significant changes. Some would argue that there has been no real technological innovation to move the community forward.

Is PC Gaming Really Dying?

Contrary to popular belief, the opposite is true, and PC gaming remains strong to this day. Several triple AAA titles are PC-exclusive that you wouldn’t find on other gaming platforms, such as StarCraft II, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: GO. Also, there are indie titles sold through digital platforms like Steam and GOG, where gamers would be able to purchase at discount prices. Games sold at retail stores average between $40 to $60, which is a heavy sum of money for a triple AAA title. Companies that sell console games make extra money off DLCs on top of what’s already made off the physical game copies themselves.

When it comes to PC games, the frequency of discounts doesn’t occur as often on the consoles in comparison to their PC counterparts, where you can purchase quality titles for a fraction of the cost of physical games sold at brick and mortar locations. The fact that large entities such as Blizzard Entertainment, Valve, Activision, and other corporations are serving as sponsors pumping money into eSports competitions. Prize pools amount into the millions, with 2018 totaling $158 million alone. These pools will only increase as eSports become more mainstream in the years ahead.

In truth, PC gaming isn’t that expensive, and you can do a lot more with gaming PCs and laptops compared to gaming consoles.

Video gaming isn’t always binary when it comes to the choice of gaming platforms since there are many options to choose from. Then it gets more complicated for gamers who own multiple consoles. In truth, PC gaming isn’t that expensive, and you can do a lot more with gaming PCs and laptops compared to gaming consoles. Decent gaming laptops sell for $1000 or less, with hardware good enough to run games between medium to high resolutions. The equipment that makes up gaming consoles are x86 processors with a graphics card, and hard drive slapped into a plastic chassis. Some titles are multi-platform, and you can swap save files if you own multiple platforms. This specific fact essentially makes gaming consoles low-end PCs that are easy for consumption.

On top of gaming, you can do video and photo editing, mod your games, office work, and business functions that consoles are generally not designed for. The gloom and doom commentary of the coming death of PC gaming by official publications and commentators alike is nothing new. If we posed the question of PC gaming dying to gamers themselves, many would tell you the opposite is happening based on everything described here. Devices such as the Oculus rift adds an extra depth by immersing players into a life-like 3-dimensional gaming experience like never before.

Since there are PC games along with power-packed rigs to run them still circulating through the market, there is no shortage of either to be happening any time soon. Any concern about stagnation is of little concern since indie titles are coming in regularly in addition to highly-anticipated triple AAA titles. Esports competitions, the addition of 3D apparatuses to enhance the gaming experience, and the capabilities of PCs themselves will keep PC gaming alive and going in the years ahead.


I am NeilPatels . I have advanced skills for Microsoft Office in customer support . I can provide support in both English and Spanish language. As i write blog posts, reviews, instruction manuals, news releases, and technical descriptions. You can see my work at www.office.com/setup & www.norton.com/setup

How to enable and disable McAfee OTP on various platforms?

McAfee OTP or One Time Password is a special software designed particularly to add an additional layer of security to the applications and the system. It functions by asking the user to complete the second authentication method after entering the username and the passwords to access any specific application or the system.

With this second authentication, McAfee OTP verifies the password entered by the user with the one that has already been stored in its database. This ultimately prevents unauthorized access to the applications and hence, enhances the security level. If you are already using McAfee OTP on your Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX-based device then follow the below-mentioned steps to start or stop the same:

(Please note that for further information related to McAfee OTP or to get the resolution of the errors associated with it, you need to contact McAfee.com/Activate McAfee customer support team.)

McAfee customer support team.)

Steps to start or stop McAfee OTP on Windows PC

To enable the McAfee OTP on your Windows-based device, follow the below-given instructions:

  1. Use the Microsoft Windows services to start and stop McAfee One Time Password
  2. To start McAfee OTP, open the installation directory and run the program labeled OTP Server.exe
  3. To stop, simply click Shutdown on the monitor; and if you find a difficulty while doing so, call the McAfee.com/Activate
    McAfee customer service number
  4. It’s done!

Steps to start or stop McAfee OTP on Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX based Computer

  1. Run the OTPServer program file in the background by making the use of the UNIX command- OTPServer &
  2. To stop, use UNIX kill command
  3. You can also stop the McAfee One Time Password by clicking the shutdown on the monitor

While following the aforementioned processes to start or stop McAfee OTP, if you face an error then call the McAfee support number and receive an immediate assistance from the experts…..

I am NeilPatels . I have advanced skills for Microsoft Office in customer support . I can provide support in both English and Spanish language. As i write blog posts, reviews, instruction manuals, news releases, and technical descriptions . office.com/setup