How to enable and disable McAfee OTP on various platforms?

McAfee OTP or One Time Password is a special software designed particularly to add an additional layer of security to the applications and the system. It functions by asking the user to complete the second authentication method after entering the username and the passwords to access any specific application or the system.

With this second authentication, McAfee OTP verifies the password entered by the user with the one that has already been stored in its database. This ultimately prevents unauthorized access to the applications and hence, enhances the security level. If you are already using McAfee OTP on your Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX-based device then follow the below-mentioned steps to start or stop the same:

(Please note that for further information related to McAfee OTP or to get the resolution of the errors associated with it, you need to contact McAfee customer support team.)

McAfee customer support team.)

Steps to start or stop McAfee OTP on Windows PC

To enable the McAfee OTP on your Windows-based device, follow the below-given instructions:

  1. Use the Microsoft Windows services to start and stop McAfee One Time Password
  2. To start McAfee OTP, open the installation directory and run the program labeled OTP Server.exe
  3. To stop, simply click Shutdown on the monitor; and if you find a difficulty while doing so, call the
    McAfee customer service number
  4. It’s done!

Steps to start or stop McAfee OTP on Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX based Computer

  1. Run the OTPServer program file in the background by making the use of the UNIX command- OTPServer &
  2. To stop, use UNIX kill command
  3. You can also stop the McAfee One Time Password by clicking the shutdown on the monitor

While following the aforementioned processes to start or stop McAfee OTP, if you face an error then call the McAfee support number and receive an immediate assistance from the experts…..

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