Microsoft Project is now available for everyone

Microsoft was planning to roll out its all-new and feature-packed software known as Microsoft Project for long. This is the time when it is made possible at the Microsoft platform. The company has been providing its users with the opportunity to use the cloud-based services and now it is all set to launch the “Project” software at the page.

This software will benefit users in various ways. It would allow them to collaborate more easily on projects that require teamwork. This will result in team efficiency along with higher achievements. Not only this, the software is launched with the subscription plans to choose from allowing users to pick what matches his necessities. Before its launch, there was no such efficient software that could help people collaborate so easily. Since teamwork is an integral part of our official life, it was the need of the hour to have one such software.

What can you expect from Microsoft Projects?

The all-new experience- the software is capable enough to offer some simple yet effective features which will allow a user to have all-new experience. Users can instantly invite anybody to join them on their assignment and allocate duties to everybody. They can also use the option to shit to various grids and timelines so that they can keep track on their work. 

Collaborate easily- the software can also be paired up with “Microsoft Teams” so that one gets better results from it. You can also share your files, chat and arrange the meetings with those who are at a far location.

Get instant insights- you can have deep and visible insight into your assignments so that you do not repeat the mistake in the future. On top of that, you can create interactive dashboards that give a widespread glance at your assignment.

Extensible platform- The software allows the user to connect instantly with others using the apps and services which are already being used by you. Plus, your security is never compromised because it encompasses the world’s most trusted cloud services.

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Microsoft Project plans

There are various subscription plans for this software and one of the best is the $10 plan. It makes a user eligible to use subscription-based services for a month’s time. This is made available so that a user can get to know all about Microsoft Project. We can simply say that it is a “Get Started” guide.

There many other plans about which you can get to know at the Office setup website. If you have currently subscribed to any of the Office-related subscriptions, you can join it with “Project”. The other plans are commonly known as Project Plan 3, Project Plan 5, and Project Online.


The previous user of Project can upgrade their software to the latest version to use the all-new features and function of it. If your experience with Project Plan 1 is going good, then you can opt for other plans according to your needs. All these plans come with multiple benefits.

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