Use Cryptojacking Blocking feature to prevent Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking is a term similar to hijacking where someone gets hold of your personal stuff without your consent. So, if you are completely new to this term, then this article can prove to be a helpful one for you as we shall learn the different aspects related to cryptojacking.

You might be noticing that the world of cryptocurrency is gaining more popularity day by day. Not only investors are gaining benefits from it, but cybercriminals are also taking this as an opportunity to make it vulnerable.

To use the Cryptojacking Blocking feature, it is necessary for a person to download the McAfee WebAdvisor browser on his device via With this extension, the said feature is already present and will prevent the said websites from loading.

How does cryptojacking take place?

The mining of crypto is quite expensive because it is a complex process that cannot be undertaken by most of us and it also requires you to use several pieces of equipment.

To keep away from this expenditure, certain cryptojackers have found out another way to mine digital currency. They create fake websites that keep running in the background of the actual ones. In turn, the cryptojackers may make use of your PC without you knowing about it. This way, they use a lot of PCs to mine digital currencies that too at no cost.

What is McAfee’s take for this?

To prevent the illegal mining of cryptocurrency, McAfee has come up with a solution. It has developed a feature in its browser extension known as McAfee WebAdvisor. In this extension, you will find a feature called ‘Cryptojacking Blocking’. This feature will eventually prevent the cryptojackers from getting hold of the essential resources (CPU, processor, and memory) of your system. This will further result in safeguarding your computer from getting into the wrong hands.

Now, we will learn about certain symptoms that tell you your computer has been cryptojacked.

Telltale signs of a compromised computer

There are some clear signs that tell you if your computer has been hacked or not. Here is the list:

  • You will experience that your computer is not working as it should be.
  • You find out that the battery of your device is draining very quickly or the charging process has been slowed down.
  • Other than this, you are hearing annoying noises from your device.
  • It is using a lot of power for completing certain tasks.
  • Your device starts to work abruptly.

What can you do?

In case you are experiencing any such unusual activity on your computer, then it is sure that your device has been compromised. Hence, you should enable the ‘Cryptojacking Blocking’ feature immediately and close the websites you are currently using. Disabling the internet might also help for getting immediate assistance. You may also use the ‘Task Manager’ of your device to know what is bothering your PC.

Fix “unlicensed product” activation error during Office setup

You are all set to setup Microsoft Office subscription on your device and suddenly what you see during the activation is an error message. And, according to this message your product is unlicensed. In this situation, you get terrified because you have already paid for your subscription and still it is showing to be unlicensed. Worry not if you are experiencing a similar situation as this has also happened with several other users.

In reference to the similar queries regarding the same problem faced by the users, Microsoft has come up with certain solutions to get rid of the error. Hence, you may try the following solution to fix the issue as soon as possible. If you have another specific query related to Office setup then visit

Troubleshoot Office activation error

Solution 1- log in with the associated account

There might be some activation issues in case you do not provide the correct email address with which the subscription is associated. Hence, you should enter the related email address on the page.

Solution 2- remove any clashing files/programs

If your device has any clashing or the pre-existing version of Microsoft Office on your device, then also you will face the said error. In case there is any such file, make sure to remove it beforehand.

Solution 3- ask the retailer to activate your license

At times, the retailer from which you have purchased the Office subscription forgets to activate your product key or the license. In this situation, you will come across the ‘unlicensed product’ error. Hence, you should ask the retailer to do the same.

Solution 4- verify the status of your subscription

If nothing helps, go to the ‘Services and Subscriptions’ section of your account and check the activation status of your subscription. If any specific message or error is mentioned, then try resolving it with the help of a relevant solution.

Once you rectify the issue, try activating your subscription once again, and hopefully you will be able to do it.

An Overview of Some Really Interesting Features of Microsoft Teams

It is really annoying when you receive an email with a whole lot of co-workers attached in the same string. This becomes even more complicated when everybody starts replying in the same thread and this ultimately dwells more confusion among the co-workers. This is the result of a lack of communication sources where a number of people can come up together with their ideas.

If you are an owner of a business organization, then you must have felt the need of having a platform where they can easily collaborate, chat, and share their files. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has developed a simple and working solution for you and this solution is known as Microsoft Teams. By now, we must have known what it is and we can simply consider it as a cloud-based collaboration tool. This comes as a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications and includes various features for the increased productivity of business organizations.

The core capabilities of the tool (

  • Allows you to simultaneously create and manage tasks in a group
  • You can achieve one-on-one communication via the means of chat
  • Connect with each other via the audio calling feature
  • You may schedule a planned or unplanned video meetings
  • An easy platform to share files and links
  • Easily convert your work and resources into documents
  • Teams have simplified the method to access other Office application

With Teams, you can collaborate for work on different devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, you can collaborate across multiple platforms including Windows and Mac. On top of that, a group can also invite outside partners (vendors, service providers, and consultants)to join forces with them

Enjoy better services than Slack & Google Hangouts

In simple words, we may consider this tool as a chat-based working space where we can achieve instant messaging. In it, we may also carry on a threaded and persistent conversation and that is the reason why it is standing strong headed with Slack and Google Hangouts. As it is included in Office 365, it connects us with other Office apps such as Excel, Word, OneNote, SharePoint, and Planner which ultimately results in fluidity. Its portal is quite seamless and you get to have a better experience with it.

Easier customization with channels-There are channels in Microsoft Teams through which you can do more than expected. You can easily sort these channels by topic, projects, or departments so that managing tasks become easier. These channels tend to store the records of the past events, the communications that took place, and the data that you have shared over time. With @ mentions you can tag persons for whom a particular message is.

Video & Voice Meetings- there is a team-based thread with that you can easily schedule voice or video meetings. You can also sync the meetings that you have scheduled on Outlook.


There are also several keyboard shortcuts that you can easily access by going to the official website or visiting If you have any confusion regarding the usage of Microsoft Teams, then you may check out more blog posts regarding this.

How to keep your Mobile data intact and theft-proof?

Have you ever imagined what you will do if your device or data gets stolen or lost? Are you having a place to keep your data and device intact and theft-poof? Here in this article, you will learn the basics to secure and protect your data and device from the frauds and scams on the Internet’s landscape. If you are working in a company and your mobile gets stolen then there can be huge changes that the data related to your workspace can be at risk.

There might be some valuable information related to your company that is useful for the scammers and hackers to misuse. So there are some basic tips and tricks to protect your device and data and block the measures to the data breach. Before, we talk about the tips and tricks it is important to consider downloading comprehensive security software such as McAfee from  Apart from securing your data and device by McAfee security you need to consider a few tips that are considered in this article.

Tips and tricks to keep your Mobile data secure and intact

  • You should record the identifying details: You are requested to create an inventory of all the devices that are used within the company.
  • You are requested to set a strong password: We require your team to select the complex password to keep your data intact and protected despite keeping the data a four-digit code.
  • Add protection to your devices: Make sure your device and the company devices are protected with McAfee antivirus security software.
  • Use a secured VPN: In order to protect your data in public places, this is one of the best options available.

What are the preventive measures to take if your device gets stolen?

If your device gets stolen already and your data is at stake then follow the instructions given below:

  • Put your security features to work: Work well with the location tracking features to enable the remote lock and relocating of the device.
  • Report the missing/ stolen device:  You can contact the service provider to put and file the report of the stolen or missing phone as soon as possible.
  • Clean your device:  If you think that data that is present on stake then wipe off the data remotely.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that this article has helped you to keep your data and device intact and protected. Safeguarding your mobile devices is one of the keen important steps to protect your business. McAfee security software such as McAfee small business security that provides comprehensive protection for all your mobile devices. This software includes the remote locate, lock, and wipe capabilities. Moreover, there is McAfee mobile security with a full range of powerful features to recover your data. There are many software and program offered by McAfee software, all you need is to stay aware stay alert from the online scams, and protect your data and device. If you still have any queries related to the McAfee security software then we recommend you visit

Explore OneNote Additional Features for Android

There are certain features of Microsoft OneNote that make it standalone from the rest. In case you just missed these prominent features here, we will discuss them once again. These features have been added to OneNote for android recently. There have been much about the software, from natural inking competence to language support of left-to-right along with the search improvements, all these features are available so do not get panic and just let us know what you think!

List of highly-rated features of OneNote

  • The latest One Note for android supports the palm rejection for the purpose of natural inking that is more accurate.
  • You can efficiently select your inking and move it around or resize the image with the help of the Lasso tool.
  • Make strategic use of S-Pen, just press the button of your S-Pen to switch from the eraser mode. To get the S-Pen, you can visit
  • You can insert the attachments and PDFs of files from your android devices. Just click on the attachment on your “Android” command center and then choose the file that you wish to add to the page.
  • One of the most powerful features in OneNote is the camera that can be used to add content to your notebooks. You can try it with many other features such as inking on images, access a photo in the gallery from the camera, capturing the images with the front camera and then selecting and adjusting the crop line to documents edges.
  • Sometimes, there is a need for quick capture of a speedy capture without organizing it. The Sticky Notes is one of the perfect places for suck quick works that you can access anytime anywhere without even organizing it on your mobile devices. Just click on the Sticky notes tab to access the “Sticky Notes” across the device.
  • There are some improvements if you want to search for anything in OneNote for Android. The search results are highlighted on the page and you can easily find whatever you are looking for. On your smartphones, you can use the “Find on page” option to locate the search items on the current page.  Remember, the right-to-left layouts are now supported to apply. If the primary settings of your mobile device are already set to a right-to-left language, then your One Note will support a corresponding right-to-left layout.

Note: You can easily avail of these features by downloading the OneNote application via the official website that goes by the URL

To sum up:

According to the recent sources, the Microsoft OneNote team is gearing up to bring the latest and the advanced features of the software to all the platforms. It is so, to make sure for adding any additional features that you like to see in the product. For more product-related information and the updated versions, you can visit the official website of Microsoft that can be reached via On the website, you will get a detailed description of the software and its variant programs that will boost the user’s creativity and productivity.

Get your Favorite Office apps in a Single all-in-one app

There is good news for the Microsoft Office users who were using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on their Android devices. They can now enjoy using these three apps in a single all-in-one package of app exclusively launched for Android users. With the availability of this app on the Google Play Store, users can work on documents, sheets, and presentation under one umbrella.

This take on the part of Microsoft will attract more users to download it in the coming future because of various reasons. Users generally deploy the full-fledged version of Office on their device even if they only need to use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This all-in-one app will now reduce the hassle of downloading different apps separately which took a lot of space on your phone. The users can now take a breath of sigh after hearing this news. But, there is a catch that this release has been done with a caution about which we will get to know later. If you have a specific query related to Office applications then visit

Compact Office app for android users

The users who wished to edit and format a number of files and documents on a single platform can relish the features of this app. This app is specifically for Android smartphone users from where they can simply restructure everything related to their document which they are working upon.

Earlier, Google also tried doing a similar thing by combining these apps. This amalgam was available at the Google Drive app. By using this application, users could work on Documents, Spreadsheets, and create presentations just like you do on MS Office. But with the new app, you get some additional features with it; OneDrive connectivity along, login help, and scanning of the PDF files which was missing in Google’s amalgamation of apps.

What are the limitations of this new app?

As noted earlier that there is a catch with the app, let u discuss what some of its limitations are. The biggest drawback is that you can deploy it only on AndroidOS which means iPhone users cannot take its benefit. According to some reports, the app does not support Chromebooks or tablets which devoid the users of its facilities. 

How to download the app?

Downloading an application is however easy from the ‘Google Play Store’ but you can still learn about the simple procedure of downloading the all-in-one app:

  1. Open your Android device and tap on the icon of “Play Store”.
  2. When it opens, navigate to the search bar.
  3. Here, enter “Word, Excel, PowerPoint& More” and you will see a list of applications.
  4. Choose the right one from the list and click on the “Install” option present under the app.
  5. The downloading and installation process will take a few minutes to complete.

After this, you can start using the application for different purposes. Along with the features mentioned above, you may also sync this app with Windows 10 notes app. On top of that, you get to use the Office Lens scanner with it.

Stop Typing and Start Speaking in MS Word

Technology is developing very fast and has a big hand in changing our lifestyle. Many things that had no existence in the past can be seen done on our fingertips. Achieving such unimaginable goals is nothing new to the world and Microsoft is not behind in this race. It has evolved manifolds since its launch and keeps on improving with rapidly growing technology. One such example of technology being used at the optimum is the ‘Dictate’ feature. This feature is a big time-aver for those whose most of the time get waste in typing a whole lot of documents.

To use this speech-to-text technology, there are certain prerequisites. A user should have a microphone enabled device or he should have a microphone. Along with this, there should be Insider build 16.32 (19120802) or later installed on his device and it should also receive proper Internet connectivity. One of the most important things to initiate the process is to have a Microsoft account. A user should make sure that there is lesser background noise for the best results. If you have specific queries related to Office subscription then visit

Ways to use ‘Dictate’ feature in Word

There are two ways through which you can start speaking and get it typed automatically. The steps vary slightly if you are using Word on Windows or Web.

On Windows

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account at and turn on your microphone.
  2. Now, open Word and go home.
  3. Further, tap on the ‘Dictate’ button and wait for a few seconds until the red appears on it.
  4. Along with this dot on the button, you will also hear a sound. This sound hints that you can start dictating.
  5. Now, you can start speaking whatever you wish to appear on the screen.
  6. As soon as you start speaking you can notice the text on your screen.
  7. Make sure to pronounce the words correctly and clearly.
  8. To add any punctuation marks, say its name. For example, if you wish to add (.) then say full-stop.
  9. For making any corrections, you can use the keyboard without disabling the microphone.
  10. In the end, say “Dictate” to stop using it.

On Web

  1. First of all, log in at and open a Word document.
  2. After this, select ‘Home’ and go to the next step.
  3. From here, select the ‘Dictate’ option.
  4. In case you are using this feature for the first time, then allow some permission.
  5. Now, wait for a few seconds until the red dot appears on the button.
  6. Also, wait for the hint or start sound.
  7. Start speaking and say “Dictate” in the end when you are done with your work.

Final note-

Dictate has been specifically designed to save users’ time and to improve their productivity. Whatever you speak during the course of its activities, it is sent to Microsoft. But, it is important to note that, Microsoft neither retains your audio nor the transcription.

How to Combat Misinformation Available Online That can Harm you?

To find out relevant information over digital platforms has been a heavy task since the beginning. On our mobile screen, we see headlines when we wake up and even our routers can perform the difficult task via voice. Nowadays we can search for relevant information with quick search and send the relevant results to our social groups. As there are many information providers there are many fraud information providers who share fake and misinformation.

Sometimes you also visit online platforms to search for the facts and latest updates and you face some misleading facts that can hamper your brain and devices. Hence, if you are searching for the latest updates and facts about some software it is a great time to brush up your digital hygienes along with the best practices to combat such misinformation available online that involves threats. If you have something specific to ask related to McAfee Antivirus, then visit

Fake news available online

We all wish to stay updated on the worldwide trends, announcements even it’s the terms of elections. Such events create an opportunity for scammers to react. There are many malicious promises that are made via phishing scams that attempt to confuse the customers to credit card frauds and other payment schemes. It is strongly recommended to visit some authentic website for information or download McAfee antivirus to block such phishing emails and prompts.

Fraudulent chain mail

It is not only important to validate the personal newsfeed posted by you but also you should hold your social networks to the security intact standards. There is certainly fake news that takes the shape of social grapevine and people can share such misleading information so it is very much important to verify the news by visiting the authentic sources. Moreover, you can download McAfee to block such unauthentic sources.

Dear Sir/Madam

There are certain phishing scams that force the public to panic and there are many spoofed emails or the text messages that claim to be from authentic bodies and prompt you to react on an urgent basis. Such notices and emails are sometimes easy to be spotted by they are very sensitive. Just block such emails from that comes disguise in the face of genuine websites.

Charity imposters

The cybercriminals take extra advantage of this situation the cyber scammers have stood up fake charity sites and prompt you to donate some generous amount of money to the website and the victims get into the trap and donate some amount of money to the website. So, you can always block such malicious websites by downloading McAfee software and block each of the harmful contents.

How to protect yourself and your data from misinformation from malicious websites?

Here are some of the tips and tools that you can use to stay alert from the misinformation:

  • You need to practice caution when you take action on the phishing emails, texts, and phone calls.
  • You are recommended to use a free browsing extension such as McAfee Web advisor that comes up with the website reputation ratings.
  • Avoid any website that has suspicious URLs or other malicious websites that look awful together.
  • Just check everything along with authentic new sources to make sure you do not have fake pieces of information.
  • Download McAfee identity theft protection services that are included such as social media monitoring that help you to stay alert.
  • Use McAfee Parental controls and keep timely updates on kid’s screen that will help you to limit the time on certain applications.
  • You can consider getting a comprehensive security suite such as  McAfee.

To conclude:

Here, McAfee subscription helps you to combat misinformation available online that can harm you and your device. However, if you have any related queries to the topic then visit McAfee’s official website. We also recommend you to download McAfee security from the website and block such phishing websites and emails to avoid and misinformation to be spread across the globe. You are the only in charge to take a preventive measure for blocking such malicious contents to infect you.

How to complete MS Office documents by just talking?

We all know that typing does take more time than writing for some content. With Office Windows 8 software you will get the accessible features that are readily available and designed to make your computer listen and type to what you are saying.  With the advanced feature of speech recognition, you can easily control the Office apps with your voice commands. Establishing Office 2013 will assist you to work with speech recognition with a two-stage process.

In this two-stage process, the first stage is if your computer doesn’t have an inbuilt microphone then you have to establish one. Once the microphone is connected, you just have to activate the speech recognition and make it recognize your voice, speech, and commands. Remember, if you have something specific to ask related to Office subscription then visit

How to set up your Microphone?

  1. First of all, you need to connect a microphone to your computer if you do not have one.
  2. Just plug in the microphone in the auto input slot on your computer.
  3. Now, you can even consult your computer’s documentation for more process if need.
  4. Enter “Windows- Q” on your keyboard to start the search prompt.
  5. Now, just enter and search for “Set up a microphone” option in the field and then tap on the “Enter” button to process the command.
  6. Once you have opened the “Set up a microphone” tab. You have to follow the on-screen prompts to configure the microphone in use.
  7. Remember, the microphone configuration is very much essential so that the Office can hear you properly while writing for your speech.

How to start using Speech recognition?

  1. First of all, you need to enter “Windows- Q” and enter the “Speech recognition” tab in the search bar and then tap on the “Speech recognition” to open the screen.
  2. Tap on the “Train your computer to better understand you” option and follow the on-screen prompts and speak clearly in normal volume.
  3. Now, start the “Speech recognition” screen and say “Start listening” in the microphone attached to the device.
  4. Remember, issuing the verbal command with the “Speech recognition” command starts the voice-activated controls on the computer.
  5. Now, start the Office app and then say “What can I say?” in Microsoft to see the list of commands.
  6. You can tap on the mouse I the body of the document and dictate the text.
  7. Remember, you can also edit the current text using the verbal commands such as “Correct”, “Delete” and “Select”.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that in this article you will get a view of how you can use the speech to text option and complete your MS Office assignments within no time. However, if you have issues and queries related to the topic then we recommend you visit, where you will get all the relatable contents for the same discussion.

Bitcoin Casino is Legal?

Although Bitcoins are operated across the globe digitally as the information flows freely in some countries and territories that have created their own rules and regulation to use Bitcoin and operate Bitcoin casinos but the answer remains a No. The Bitcoin casino is illegal in some provinces but gambling is considered to be legal in some areas.  Remember, you need not consider the gambling laws here, the Bitcoin itself might be regulated or outlawed.

The bitcoin has not violated any laws it is still operated in some of the grey areas with due respect and consideration of regulations. There are many concerns to use the Bitcoin as Launder money or to purchase the illegal items. There have been no warrants and arrests or any other legal actions taken against the gamblers till now. So, there are many questions related to the legal features of Bitcoin Casino and whether it is legal or not. So, let us talk about its legality all across the globe.

Bitcoin casino legality overview

What do you understand by the term Legality for Bitcoin and that too for the gamblers and traders across the globe?  Here we have covered four countries to get the actual picture of weather Bitcoins casinos are legal or illegal.

USA: In the USA the Bitcoin casino or gambling is legal in 8 states and illegal in the rest of the states. Bitcoin trading is legal by the treasury of the US to decentralize the virtual currency. The taxes are must be paid on the Bitcoin earnings.

Canada: Under Canadian law, its set to be illegal to provide the Canadian citizens the services related to online gambling or Bitcoin casino, and this is considered to be illegal. However, trading in Bitcoins is legal unlike Bitcoin casino and all the profits made from the currency have to be claimed as the “Capital gains” and then taxed.

UK: The only restriction you get while gambling in the UK is you have to be 18 years and above to be the gambler or play Bitcoin casino. Although the states and the provinces but they have not accepted any comments regarding trading using Bitcoin currencies.

Russia:  Bitcoin Casino is legal but not online, the Bitcoin gambling is legal in Russia and it runs lotteries and betting schemes. In the year if 2018, the Russian govt. have released the federal law for the Digital financial assets.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

In the end, it is true to say that there are many countries and provinces which are still not convincing to legalize the Bitcoin casino or gambling online. However, the majority of them are still working upon the aspect to legalize the Bitcoin trading and bitcoin casino and they think that it will play a major role to boost the economic status of the world. Moreover, it can stabilize the economic concerns that are considered to be major across the globe. But if you just wanted to know whether the Bitcoin casino is legal or illegal, then the answer remains a “No”.